International exchange program

Mentor-Mentee program

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The mentor-mentee program is a program where foreign students become mentors for Korean students and Korean students learn the language of foreign students. For one semester of language exchange as mentor and mentee both foreign and Korean students get mostly academic help. After completing the basic hours of the program, foreign students will receive service credits and a certificate. The program is ongoing every semester, and students who have already participated in the program can re-enter.

1) mentee : Korean undergraduate students attending the University of Suwon
2) mentor : Foreign students attending the University of Suwon

* Duration of activity : one semester
* Activity Benefits : Recognition of 2 Social service credits (Applicable only for mentors) and issuance of a certificate
- However, benefits are only allowed to those who observed their obligations faithfully during the period of the activity,

Recruitment schedule

Reception period : Announcement by notice at the beginning of a semester

Supported languages

Possible to change according to the nationality of foreign student such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.

How to apply

Please download the attached application form and send email to or visit the International Affairs Office.
* Numbers of selection may be adjusted depending on the situation.